Wipe: New Season and 5 new arenas!


Here are the new season changes and some general changes:

General Changes:
  • – New Server Name:
    FGC RA-PvP 10x | C-Flyers | Arena
    FGC TI-PvP 10x | C-Flyers | Arena
    FGC AB-PvP 10x | No-Flyers| Arena
    FGC RA-PvE 3x | Auction House | WKND-Rate
    FGC TI-PvE 3x | Auction House | WKND-Rate
    FGC AB-PvE 3x | Auction House | WKND-Rate
    FGC PF-PvP 100x | C-Flyers | Start-Protec
    FGC PF-PvE 25x | C-Flyers | Teleporter
PvP Cluster Changes:
  • – Dino Scanner: Disabled, You can’t see coordinates.
  • – New Arenas:
    Ragnarok: Desert Village & Under Water Tek
    Island: Wipeout & Veiled Stairs
    Aberration: Aberrated Yard
  • – Better Dino Level Distribution on The Island & Aberration (it’s finally back!)
Primal Fear PvP Changes:
  • – New mod: Primal Fear Boss Expansion
    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899987403
  • – Own Cluster Chat: No longer connected to the PvP Cluster chat.

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