Release of the PvP Arena!


FGC Is proudly announcing the release of the PvP Arena that will be added on all PvP Servers.
For a first release we will have Deathmatch arena and later on will also have Team Deathmatch.

The two first arenas were built by @Best Driver EU & @Guggs Thanks for your contribution!
You can find them on the Ragnarok PvP:

Test out the PvP Arena by joining RA PvP and when the arena is available just type /join!
Keep in mind the arena is in beta stage and update and fixes will be added.

How does everything work?

The servers are starting the Arena automagical and let people join the queue.
If it reaches enough players for the Arena the battle begins.
When the battle is about to begin everyone gets teleported to the arena on different spawn points.
There you will be given gear and weapons randomly but everyone gets the same set.
Also, your stats will be normalized so everyone can join even if you are battling against a max leveled player.
If you win, you will receive a reward and also receive ark points so you can buy more from the shop!

Note: In order to join the arena you must be completely naked and have an empty inventory.
If you pick up something during the time you are in the queue, you won’t be able to join the arena when the battle begins

Future Plans:
* Adding arenas to every server
* Adjusting rewards
* Adding more battle sets
* Adding more arena game variants
* Adding a random mechanism for choosing arena map

Admin Team

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