Atlas Server “Azeroth”


We tried out 3×3 but we realized quite fast that we wanted to make a bigger world, so we can support everything in the game.
We then decided that a 5×5 would be a better size for the Atlas world.

After many hours of working with the 3×3, we needed to do almost everything again, but now on a bigger scale.
Anyway, here it is, our Atlas server 5×5 with a total of 25 servers instances running together.
With all quests available and working correctly, ghosts ships, center maw, trading ship route(s), all climates balanced and carefully placed and more.

Hope you all appreciate the world we have created, any suggestion or feedback is always appreciated!
Also, we appreciate any and all donations we’ve received from our members to help support our idea of making this.
Also, a big thanks to our cooperation with that helped make this possible!

Click Here if want all information about the atlas server or by joining our discord and checking #server_info

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