FGC Ark Shop is here!


After alot of hard work, we are finally ready with the ARK Shop for FGC.
We have spent lot’s of time and effort making this shop, made of about 9000 lines of coding.
But we may have to adjust details on the go.

So how does this work?
– You gain points by playing on the servers. That will not change. There will be no “Pay 2 Win”.
– Your points will stay the same now, no matter on what server you are playing on within the PvP Cluster, excluding Primal Fear PvP. (Your Steam ID is stored in a shared database between all servers in the PvP Cluster.)
– On release you will only be able to buy through the game. We are working on making it possible through the webpage.

What can I buy?
1. Resources
2. Dinos (All Perfect Tamed)
3. Kibble
4. Gear
5. Tek Engrams
And lot’s more (There are almost 200 Articles)

What about Aberration, can you buy flyers there now?
No. We wanted to release the FGC Shop as soon as possible.
So at the moment there is no shop on Aberration, but you will still earn points by playing there.

How can I earn more points? (The prices are quite high, and I want to buy some stuff now!)
To give the shop items more value, we decided to set high prices.
This way it can’t be over abused.
You can however earn more points by:
1. Voting for the servers on ark-servers.net and use the in-game command: /votereward
2. Kill other players
3. Being active players our servers
4. Winning the Arena events

For now, these are the only ways to earn more points.

If I buy something wrong, can I get a refund of my points?
No. You have to deal with that.

But isn’t this kinda OP and unbalanced?
Loyalty for the community should be rewarded somehow, and finally, this is the best solution we’ve found for that.
So staying loyal to the community and it’s servers, gives you benefits playing on them.

Admin Team

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    Sep 10, 2019 @ 18:05 pm

    Hello, first of all me and my brother enjoy playing on your servers very much after some time of searching for servers with perfect rates we found yours and since then we’ve really enjoyed ourselves.

    Could you add engram points to the shop since we are limited to what we get by leveling?

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    Sep 10, 2019 @ 18:13 pm

    Also could you post the full shop details on the website?

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