Easiest way to connect to FGC Servers


As everyone might now it is hard for someone who doesn’t have the server on favorite to find back to the server. Here is a pro-tip how you should do:

  1. Open steam
  2. Go to View and press “Servers”
  3. Press “Favorites”
  4. Press “Add a Server”
  5. And where it says: “Enter the IP address of the server you wish to add” you either use the IP or the server address, for example, foppasgaming.com:27002
  6. And then “Add this address to favorites” or if you want to check before press “Find Games at this address”
  7. Join!


An alternative way is to go here and just click join on your server, it will just join the server directly so you need to put the server as your favorite manually.

  • To get to the PvP Cluster click here
  • To get to the PvE Cluster click here
  • To get to the Primal Fear Server click here

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Primal Eternal PvE Cluster: 15x

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Vanilla PvP Cluster: 10x

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Vanilla PvE Cluster: 3x

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