Classic Flyers added to the PvP Cluster!


We have now made some major changes by adding the Classic Flyers mod to all PvP servers in the cluster. And also some other recent changes:
– XP: 2x -> 5x
– Turret Limit: 50 -> 75
– Dino Weight: 2x
– 2x Faster Forge And Mortar & Pestle
– ORP Disabled and Raid Scheduler activated!
Note: Raid Scheduler Protects Structures Mon-Fri Between 0200-1700. So Between 1700-0200 And the whole weekend, it is possible to raid someone. And also alliances will work now!

New mods:
– Kibble Table
– Better Reusables
– Wood/Meat Spoiler

Stay tuned by joing our discord to recive all updates faster, We are soon about to release a PvP Arena that will be active to join on all PvP servers.

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