Atlas Remake 3.0 – FGC Launcing Atlas Colonies PvP!


We have decided to remake the whole Atlas 5×5 to be only PvP. With this change the rates are increased to be a more fast-paced server, but still with some challenges.
The server has gone through an extreme makeover to make this happen.

– The whole map layout is new
– All quests should be 100% Functional
– Rates are increased
– More plugins and shop possibilities
– We exist on Explore Atlas:
– And finally, a working Cross-chat that works all over the whole map so you won’t feel ever alone 😉

These are only a few of what our changes are on the Atlas Cluster. Check out more of them in our Discord or in-game!

Happy Exploring And I hope you enjoy the server we made available for everyone!
FGC Team

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