Amissa + PF = True?


The Primal Fear PvP server is wiped and running, join and invite your friends!!
Don’t forget to download the mods from the mod package:

And a special thank to @Alchemy , @Guggs , @Chris Kyle for all the testing!

Here are the changes for this wipe:

– New feature: Auto Starting Protection (48h)
– New feature: Map Rotation on every new season
– New feature: Custom Supply Drops with Primal Fear items!
– New Shop Items: With Aberration Stuff
– New Mod: Human NPCs (On Trial!)
– Increased: Turrets 2x damage
– Removed Mod: Primal Fear: Bosses
– Removed Mod: Shield4noob (Old Starting Protection)
– Removed Kit: Kit02 (Starting Protection)
– Disabled: Dino Scanner on S+ Transmitter
– Reduced: XP 100x -> 20x

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