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PvP Section:

The servers have active admins that are here to help you. The server is PvP only but people can still run the PvE Bosses.
The server is suitable for serious PVP players. Wipe is done every 3rd month or when it’s extremely needed.
The support way is by email to support@foppasgaming.com or contact any admin on discord.
The server auto-destroys old bases, This means that the server will do maintenance and clean up old structures once in a while (Ask the Admin team if you are worried about this).


Settings: XP 2x • Harvest 3x • Taming 5x • Dino level  150 • EggHatching 5x • BabyMature 15x
Mods: ORP (built-in) • Informer • Structurs Plus • Platforms Plus •  Small Resource Stacks

PvP Guidelines and Rules

## Guidelines ##

  • A player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules.
  • Naming your character to Human, Bob, Joe or Jane is not recommended. Doing this will result in a name change.
  • Allow other tribes to grow. Place your base a respectable distance away from other tribes.
  • On this server there is a max limit of 3 Bases for every tribe so use them wisely.
  • There is a maximum of 5 Brontos per tribe.
  • If the attacking tribe has not been in the area or been in active offensive for 30minutes, the raid is counted as over.
  • During a raid, the imprison time is based on the duration of the raid.
  • Try not to kill passive dinos unless necessarily.
  • Do not destroy an entire base/structure. (get in, loot, get out)

## Low Severity ##

  • Do not use excessive vulgar language or racism. This includes both the chat, tribe names and personal names.
  • Do not spam or post inappropriate links. This includes trolling in global chat.
  • Do not argue with an admin in-game. If you need an admin reach out through TeamSpeak or Discord.
  • Do not build structures that could protect/cover the rider.

## High Severity ##

  • Do not offline-soak tribes turret ammo/fertilizer.
  • Do not drop any wild dinos into a players base. This includes if you try to pull/grab a tamed dino from someone else’s base into that player’s base.
  • Do not block caves or prevent loot crates from spawning (including blocking deepsea loot crates). Players should be able to safely access all caves.
  • Do not spam foundations/pillars outside your base.
  • Do not kill low-level players (1-49), Unless it is self-defense or you are low-level yourself.
  • Do not imprison players more than 30 minutes. (This does not apply during a raid.)

## Extreme Severity ##

  • Do not impersonate anyone.
  • Do not cheat, hack or glitch/exploit.
  • Do not spam raid. Give the tribe at least 48 hours rest.
  • Do not offline-raid. You are not allowed to take advantage of the ORP-Cooldown.
  • Do not be a griefer.

PvE Section:

Be respectful to people and be polite to everyone.
In the global chat, the main languages are English or Swedish and nothing else.
Trading through global chat is allowed, helping new players is always good. Don’t be rude to new players.
Cave build that could block other players from entering the cave is not allowed.

Settings: XP 2x • Harvest 3x • Taming 5x • Dino level  150 • EggHatching 5x • BabyMature 15x
Mods: Informer  Structurs Plus • Platforms Plus  Auction House • Resource Stacks • Wooden Hanging Bridge


    1. No begging for stuff, if someone says no you need to respect that.
    2. No begging of stuff from admin.
    3. No excessive vulgar language or racism. This includes both the chat, tribe names and personal names. The admin decides what is excessive and not, there is no need to argue about the decision in global chat.
    4. No cheating, hacking or glitching/exploiting. Cheating is strictly forbidden, it will result in a permanent ban from the server.
    5. Don’t spam or post inappropriate links. This includes trolling in global chat. This behavior can result in a warning.
    6. Your base shouldn’t be placed in close proximity to others unless they are okay with it – allow others to grow. First come, first serve.
    7. You need to follow the rules for the Auction House. Unless you want to be banned from the Auction House.
      • Transfer your items to another server or single-player game. Period. Don’t be lazy.
      • Move items across the map by posting auctions in Location A, then purchasing or canceling them at Location B . The Auction House is not a valid means for transporting goods across the map. Again, don’t be lazy.
      • Collude with other players, ie, players who agree to sell each other goods far below market value because they’re friends, or in the same tribe on another server, etc.
      • More rules can found here: Click Me


General Admin Information:

  • Admins: Foppa, Keya, PayMeQuick, Little Princess
  • Commands: Kill,KillPlayer,DestroyMyTarget, DestroyTribeStructures, DestroyTribeDinos, DestroyWildDinos, Fly, Walk, Ghost, LeaveMeAlone, God, MakeTribeAdmin, MakeTribeFounder, RenamePlayer, RenameTribe, SaveWorld, ServerChat, ServerChatTo, ServerChatToPlayer, SetAdminIcon, SetMessageOfTheDay, ShowMyAdminManager,  TakeAllDino, TakeAllStructure, TeleportToPlayer.
  • No one is abusing: Admins don’t abuse or use any information from players. It’s within admins discretion.
  • Admins are not raiding: When the “Star” is shown it is an indication that the admin is logged in and acting as an admin, not as a player.
  • Discussions about rules: Are not to be done with an admin in the global chat. Still, you can ask for an admin to come over and talk local. This is because we don’t want to disturb other players.
  • Admins don’t spawn in items/dinos: You can never count on an admin to help you by spawning in items or dinos. Because the admins never spawn in stuff or dinos.
  • When the star is active: It means that the admins are not a player anymore. And are actively working by helping a player or cleaning up the server of, for instance, old structures, pipes or dinos from players that haven’t played on the server for a long time. When the star is active you need to wait for your turn if an admin is already busy with a task.
  • Be nice to the admins: The admins are working every day with the server in general and sometimes the admins need to take a break from all the working. You need to respect that. If the issue is not an emergency you can always report your issue to the support email.
  • The admins are constantly trying to keep the server fresh: and clean and therefore we are using a server decay timer on all structures. Which means that if you haven’t been active OR close to the structures for x days, your structures will be destroyed. The decay timer will eventually reach the demolish allowed limit, which is 16 days for metal, 12 days for stone, 8 days for wood and 4 days for thatch. We have also enabled an increased decay timer on core structures such as pillars and foundation. So if you place a pillar that is not connected to something else it will have a much shorter decay time and this is to prevent structures spamming and claiming areas with unnecessary structures.Every Monday we use auto-destroy on structures on the server to clean up inactive structures that have reached the “demolish allowed” limit.
    But on holidays, for example around Christmas or during summer vacation times, there will be longer periods between clean-ups and we are not enabling auto-destroy.